BYO Books
Diane McCaffrey

Your Small Business Bookkeeping Professional

BYO Books offers professional bookkeeping services to small to medium business.

BYO Books offers personalised & quality accounting/bookkeeping services by certified bookkeepers. We provide professional bookkeeping services:

  • Onsite in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne
  • Offsite
  • Via remote access.

Save Time

Spend less time on paperwork. We can streamline the workflow of your financial transactions so that you do not waste time looking for past transactions and/or paperwork. BYO Books will keep your records organised and accurate and you’ll have more time to focus on your core business.

Save Money

Concentrate on growing your business and increasing your revenue. Reduce your tax liabilities and increase your profits. Cut your accounting fees. BYO Books provides tailored bookkeeping to manage your accounts quickly and efficiently. We’ll prepare an end-of-year financial pack for you to send to your accountant that will save them time and you money.

Know Where You Stand

  • – Stay on top of your business.
  • – We understand your business needs and the process required to ensure transactions are
       reliable. BYO Books will make sure your financial accounts are current and correct.
  • – We’ll provide you with reliable information on your profit, expenditure and cash flow, so you
       can manage your business better.
  • – We’ll arrange regular meetings with an accountant to explain how your business is actually performing.
  • – We’ll help with budget preparation and budget variance analysis, as well as identifying and
       resolving issues before they become major problems.

Be compliant

Avoid fines and late fees.

BYO Books will ensure you meet your statutory obligations such as superannuation, payroll, GST, and WorkCover calculations. We’ll lodge your BAS’s on time.